A Visual Storyteller


My name is Angelica Medina. I am from Zulia State in Venezuela; I came to United States some years ago by myself to study English, with about $30.00 in my pocket, a free airline ticket and an awesome friend who helped me to get settled. I was determined to achieve my goal to master the language which I successfully accomplished. After all these years and with God's help; I have discovered few passions in my life to keep me going and excited. One of them is baking! In the beginning years, my mother taught me how to bake over the phone! She explained the steps to make a good loaf of bread. The first one was hard and salty, but believe me, after baking classes, try and error and after so many years; I am proud to say that I have overcome that first loaf.

I have graduated from college earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in North Carolina Central University (Eagles Pride!), I have also accomplished entrepreneurship studies, theology studies, etc. despite of these achievements, I was determined to run my own business, and what a better idea to combine my passion and my academic experience. My first efforts I devoted hours and hours finding out what the best product would be by studying American food market and trends.

Throughout these years, I have managed to create a fusion cuisine, in an effort to bring together traditional recipes and exotic flavors; the result has been a vast range of sweet and savory roll-ups breads. My mother, a friend and I are eager to work together to come up with even more combinations to keep our customers excited and the business expanding.